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How To Make $5,000 Per Month Building Adult Video Websites, Camera Not Required

May 12, 2022

The Power of Scale The “big secret” to building a successful business empire is figuring out what works, and scaling it up to more properties. This is what all the real estate, retail and restaurant giants have done for many decades now. If you can build a single website which generates only $100 per month,

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How To Monetize an Adult Video Website

Generating revenue from your adult video website is key to your success as an adult webmaster. There are a few ways in which you can do this: embedded videos, ad networks and CPA affiliate marketing. Below is a list of programs that will pay you for sending traffic through their advertising networks. If you would

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How To Build a Porn Tube Site in 6 Minutes with WordPress on DigitalOcean

May 11, 2022

Creating an adult video tube site using WordPress with the Tube Ace plugin is ridiculously easy. The following video and article will explain how you can setup your very own tube site in only 6 minutes. After you have purchased Tube Ace WordPress Plugin, you will receive a license key. We offer a free tube

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How To Make an Adult Video Website with Any WordPress Theme

This tutorial assumes you already have a Tube Ace plugin license. Today I’m going to show you how to use a different WordPress theme with the Tube Ace plugin. Yes, any WordPress theme of your choice can work with Tube Ace. Shortcodes First, we need to talk about shortcodes. Shortcodes in WordPress are short code

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How To Add Banners & Ads on a WordPress Website

July 14, 2018

Most WordPress themes include Widget Areas which are pre-designated areas where advertisements or any HTML code can be pasted to appear on your website. To add or modify widgets for your WordPress site, in your WordPress Admin menu, click to Appearance > Widgets On the Widgets Page, you will see a list of Available Widgets

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