Pornhub API Import

Since Pornhub offers an API, an import file is not needed to import videos. If you would rather use the import file, see the instructions on how to do so here.

There are several options for importing videos using the Pornhub API.

Import Single Pornhub Video

  1. From the WordPress Admin go to Tube Ace > Pornhub Import
  2. Under ‘Import Single Video’ enter the Pornhub Video ID of the video you wish to import and click the ‘View’ button. The Video ID is found in video’s URL.
    For example: a video URL of the video ID would be 12345.
  3. Now you can view the data fields for the video where you can edit to your preference. Import the video by clicking the ‘Add Video’ button.

Mass Import Pornhub Videos

  1. From the WordPress Admin go to Tube Ace > Pornhub Import
  2. Under ‘Import Videos by Keyword / Tag’ enter the Keyword and or Tag to retrieve relative videos. The Pornhub API returns 20 videos per page.
  3. SET ALL Values will overwrite any values for videos about to be imported.
  4. Click the ‘Import All’ button to begin importing.

Cron Importing

To import videos automatically on a preset frequency (hourly, twice hourly, daily), enter a Cron Name and desired Frequency and click the ‘Save as Cron’ button.

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