Import xHamster Embedded Videos From CSV File

Begin watching at 2:35 in the video for the dump file importing instructions.

The following instructions are if you want to import xHamster embedded videos from a large dump file. This method may be best if you wish to process and import every video available by xHamster. If you prefer to import videos using a keyword or automatically, see the instructions for the xHamster API Import tool.

1. Go to xHamster Partners section and create an account. Log-in once your account is created.

2. From the xHamster Webmaster area, go to Admin > Content Export

3. From the Export tool page under Download dumps, leave the ‘Videos’ radio button selected (not Embed).

4. Select the file for thumbnail size and download file. For example, the dump file with 320×240 thumbnails is You may need to split the file using a file splitter before importing.

5. To import the file into Tube Ace, go to Tube Ace > xHamster Import from the WordPress Admin Menu.