Auto-Import Cron Jobs for Pornhub, RedTube, Tube8, YouPorn, xHamster

A cron job is time-based job scheduler which will run a certain process on a computer system. WordPress offers its own cron job utility function called WP Cron. Tube Ace allows you to create a cron job based on an API import process (for Pornhub, RedTube, Tube8, YouPorn) which can be set to run hourly, every 12 hours or once per day.

Note: A cron job cannot start if it is currently running, this is to prevent duplicate posts. If it appears a cron job has been running too long it may not actually be running, edit the cron job and set the Running field to “Not Running”. Tube Ace has a built-in feature to detect when a cron job has stalled. If a stall is detected, the cron job will be set to ‘Not Running’ and will be started again at next interval.

Create Auto-Import Cron Jobs which will run as its frequency is specified.

  1. Go to the API Import page for Pornhub, RedTube, Tube8, or YouPorn in the WP Admin Menu.
  2. Enter a keyword or tag (you can leave tag empty) along with the start and end page. The API will return video results (30 for Pornhub, 24 for RedTube, 31 for Tube8 and 29 for YouPorn) for each “page” call.
  3. Below the Set All Values section, set the values for which you want all videos to be imported to have for Category, Tags, Performer Names etc..
  4. Below the Create Auto-Import (Cron) Job section, enter a name for your cron job such as ‘milf’ and choose your Frequency interval time. Click the ‘Save as Cron‘ button.
  5. You can now manage your cron job from the Cron Jobs page from WP Admin Menu > Tube Ace > Cron Jobs. From there you can edit each cron job’s settings, or manually initiate the run of a cron job.

Tips for using Auto-Import Cron Jobs:

If you want to import the newest videos every hour, you could set your cron job to start and end on page 1. This means that every hour, Tube Ace will make an API request and check for new videos from the first 24 results for a specified keyword.

If you want to import every video available offered by a site, create a cron job starting a page 1 and ending on a high number page such as 40,000. For instance, RedTube has over 960,000 videos currently so you could enter the end page as 48,000 leaving the keyword and tag fields blank.

The speed at which the videos are imported is dependent on 2 key factors: First, the speed of your server (connection, CPU, RAM) and secondly, the number of thumbnails being imported per video. The lower the number of thumbnails, the faster each video will be imported. Importing over 10,000 videos per day is quite simple.