Tube Ace Plugin Settings

API Import Tool Thumbnails

You can change the number of thumbnails to display and thumbnail source sizes for each API import tool. You can also choose to save the thumbnails to your server instead of serving by CDN or source thumbnails. By default, the thumbnails are served from the CDN of the host site.

Dump Import Tool Thumbnails

Select the total or default thumbnail # to display. These thumbnails will be saved to your server.

AJAX Importing

If your web server has restrictive output settings, you may need to import video with AJAX method enabled. This method is a slower process, but may be an alternative option.

Word Filter

Setting words in the word filter will prevent videos with those words contained in titles and tags from being imported to your site. Separate multiple words by comma.

Default Video Player

Set the default video player for mp4 videos imported using the mass import tool, flowplayer 7 or video.js. The videos imported in the Mass import Tool will use this player.

Video Player Codes

You can edit the video player codes for each video player including flowplayer 7, video.js and each of the tube site’s <iframe> player codes.

Saved Thumbnail Dimensions

Set the dimensions in pixels of thumbnails saved to the server. 320×240 is the default.

Auto-Scheduling on Imported Videos

Limit the number of videos to release as new per day with setting a max videos per day number.

Set Last Page Completed as new Start Page for Cron Imports

Restart cron jobs after their last completed page. This will speed the process of completing all pages specified in the job.

Email Cron Output

Send an email report of completed cron jobs to a specified email address.

Link Thumbnail To Source Page URL

Link the video preview thumbnails to the video source page if you prefer instead of your site’s video page.

Alternate Video URL

This setting is used for those wanting to implement a trade script. Use {video_page_url} macro for original Video Page URL. Example:{video_page_url}

Reset Tube Ace Shortcode Customizations

This action will reset all the customizations made in the customizer for the shortcode output. Warning: This action cannot be undone.