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Tube Ace WordPress Plugin Features

Since 2008, Tube Ace has been helping adult webmasters build profitable porn websites with our affordable and easy-to-use software. In summer of 2013, we released the first version of Tube Ace for WordPress which became an instant success. Tube Ace's emphasis is enabling its customers to import and aggregate embedded videos from the best adult video sources including Pornhub, RedTube, Tube8, YouPorn, xHamster, XTube, XVIDEOS and more.

Why use WordPress for a Porn website?

WordPress is one of the most flexible open-source (free!) CMSs (content management systems) on the market today. One of WordPress' most important features is modularity, made possible by the use of plugins to add specific functionality. These plugins are created by numerous developers which perform specialized tasks such as photo galleries, SEO management, mailing lists, shopping carts, page & file caching, ad management etc..

In addition to plugins, a wide array of themes (templates) can be used to change the layout and design of a website with a simple click of a mouse. Today with over 26% of all websites being powered by WordPress, it has proven itself to be as powerful as anything else available to build any type of website. So why not build an adult video website with WordPress?

All or Niche

In the online adult entertainment business, content is king. The most sought after content by online porn viewers is free, high-quality, streaming video. Never before has it been easier to create a niche porn tube (MILF, BDSM, Amateur, Ebony, Asian, Webcams). The Tube Ace WordPress plugin allows you to do this by simply entering porn-related keyword(s) for automatic video importing. If niche isn't your goal and you prefer a massive quantity of video, you can import all the videos available to categories of your choice.

Automatic Video Import = Passive Income Generator $$$

Build a passive income adult video website and monetize with embedded videos, adult ad networks and affiliate marketing by adding new content from the best sources to your porn site, on autopilot using WP Cron. Simply setup the categories to import into, set a frequency interval (hourly, twice daily, daily), enter the keyword(s) and let the plugin do all the work! There is no limit to the number of videos you can import. Millions of high-quality adult videos can be imported with just a few clicks.

Save Money - No Large Video Files Hosted By You

You'll never have to worry about an expensive web hosting bill from excessive bandwidth charges since all of the embedded videos and thumbnails are hosted by the source websites and served from their CDN (content delivery network) or web servers.

Video Ratings

Using WP-PostRatings plugin, allow users to rate the videos or any posts by stars or thumbs up/down with AJAX ratings. You also have the ability to display and sort videos by their ratings. You can show the top rated posts in any widget area or on any page with the use of the shortcode: [tubeace_highest_rated results="24"]

Video View Counts

Using Post Views Counter plugin, count and display the view count of each video. You also have the ability to display and sort videos by their view count on any page with the shortcode: [tubeace_most_viewed results="24"]

Porn Star List

Tube Ace generates a Porn Star List page, enabling your users to view their favorite star’s adult videos. The page is comprised of an alphabetical list A-Z of all Porn Stars with videos available. A custom WordPress taxonomy named 'performers' is used to classify the names of the Porn Stars. Display the Porn Star List with the shortcode: [tubeace_post_star_list]

Tags & Categories

Assign the adult videos of your tube site to any category you choose as well as any tag(s) to better organize and classify your video content for easy browsing.

Display Ads for More Revenue

The Tube Ace WordPress themes have multiple widget areas where any ad code can be displayed. In header, below header, above content, below content you can display text, HTML or banners.

Video Player Options

If you prefer not to use embedded videos from other sites, you can play remote (sponsor-hosted) or local (self-hosted) mp4 videos with the bundled Video.js and Flowplayer 7 HTML5 video players. An ad plugin can be added to the HTML5 players for further monetization.

Bulk or Single Video Import

Quickly import thousands of embedded videos into your WordPress powered adult tube site by simply entering a keyword, tag or category. Tube Ace can also filter videos from your preselected words to ensure only relevant videos are imported to your site. You can also require videos have a minimum rating rating or view count so you can be sure your site contains only quality videos from the best sources. If you have a particular single video you wish to import, enter the video ID to import just that video.

Manual Import

If you prefer to manually import the videos, you can do so with an import .txt or .csv file. Simply upload or paste the import data, select the correct fields and begin the import.

One-Click Updates

With our lifetime license, you'll always have the latest version of the Tube Ace plugin. View plugin update notifications from within the WordPress admin. When a new update is available you can just click 'Update Now' to download the latest version of the Tube Ace WordPress plugin.

Traffic Trading Script Integration

Traffic trading is a great way to get new visitors to your new website. Tube Ace can be setup to work with any traffic trading script which skims traffic off the video thumbnails.


Tube Ace 5 Star Review
Wow, this plugin is amazing! I can't believe how easy it is to import all these videos!

Tube Ace 5 Star Review
Thanks for the fast support. You really outdid yourself!

Tube Ace 5 Star Review
I've used other tube scripts and WordPress plugins but Tube Ace is the best, version 2.0 is awesome! Loving the new theme as well! Keep up the good work!
-EJ Instant Plugin Download After Purchase

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Server Requirements

WordPress 4.2 or greater
PHP version 5.3 or greater
MySQL 4.1 or greater
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Release Date: Feb 19, 2023